Monday, December 8, 2008

YouTube Orchestra
I found the best explanation of the proposed youtube orchestra on the youtube blog. I'm a huge fan of youtube. It's such a great repository. When I'm reading, there's usually something I need to check out and my two basic choices are whether or not to go to wikipedia or to youtube. If it involves music or dance, a film clip or a visual of how to do something, youtube is the site of choice. I love the movie Casablanca but life is short and the only way I can justify the time commitment required to watch the full version is if I put on the French subtitles and call it a language lesson. If I just want to watch it for sappy emotionalism, I go here:
It saves me a couple of hours and concentrates the romanticism.

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Sarah Stewart said...

I adore youtube. I don't know how I manage without now.