Monday, May 17, 2010


For awhile, facebook became my obsession. Twittering was too short for me and blogging didn't form relationships. Was anyone reading anything I wrote? Did it matter one way or the other? Well it does matter - not to the reader but rather to me. I can post interesting links to facebook and never really think much about them. Only on the blogs do I have to analyze what I'm reading and put it into words. Between my real world friends and my 389 facebook friends, I don't need the blog to be interactive - I need it to be Hansel and Gretel's bread crumbs - a way to mark the path of my life which may take me somewhere amazing or may lead me to a place I'd rather not go. Actually I have multiple blogs - one for my real world friends and family, this one for my connectivism friends, one for trying to create a healthier lifestyle and finally one devoted to neurodevelopment/neurodegeneration - the field my high school yearbook says I wanted to pursue but in the end wasn't brave or confident enough to go after. I wasn't one of those high energy people who can have it all and if I couldn't have it all - I wanted the guy I fell in love with and the children we dreamed into existence.