Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Images

I can't believe I just discovered google images. It's been sitting there above my gmail all this time and I didn't notice it. When I went to google images, I didn't know what to put into the search box. I saw a suggestion about engravings which took me to an engraving of the widowed Queen Victoria. Don't you think I look remarkably like her? Now I'll have to hunt around for the rules about images of Royalty. Actually I'll have to hunt around for the rules regarding the use of any google image. I've been interested in looking at the Time Life photos but it's late and I'll have to leave that for another day. The thing I really like about google is that it never enters the time I actually post my blogs. I have no idea what time zone they use but it must be half way around the world. I'm thinking maybe Australian time. Usually I'm up until some scandalous hour and the draft is autosaved at the time I actually created it but when I hit publish, this perfectly respectable time appears. I wonder if it works in reverse. Does anyone here publish at a respectable time such as 8 p.m. and have an hour appear such as 11 a.m. when they've entered into the accounts that they were working on a billable project?

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