Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jurgen Wolff & Motivating Headlines

1. Introduction to Jurgen Wolff - (See sidebar for link) He's a script writer, script doctor, coach, workshop leader and his books include: "Focus: the power of targeted thinking" (Pearson 2008), "Your Writing Coach" (Nicholas Brealey, 2007) and "Do Something Different" (Virgin Business Books, 2005). I have two more coming out in 2009, "Marketing for Entrepreneurs" and "Creativity Now" (both from Pearson). Previous books also include "Successful Scriptwriting," "Successful Sitcom Writing," and "Top Secrets: Screenwriting" as well as an ebook "Time Management for Writers".

2. Idea from June Brainstorm Newletter - Jurgen suggests:
" Start your day with a headline
Here's a playful but effective way I've come up with to give direction and motivation to your day: before you start working, write a headline about what you intend to achieve. Here are three examples (the exclamation marks add to the fun):

Writer Finishes Chapter 3 of Her Novel!
Taxpayer Adds Up All Receipts for Tax Returns!
Free-lancer Catches Up With Back Filing!

Generally just the headline is enough, but if it helps you can add a paragraph that specifies how you'll achieve it: "Despite the need to prepare dinner for her family and to go shopping, this writer managed to take one hour out of her day to go to Starbucks and finish the second half of Chapter 3 of her novel." ....

3. Email Backlog I went into my gmail and searched for everything I have received from Jurgen's website since June. I've received 16 items which I quickly glanced at while busy with CCK08. My backlog of emails is astounding but rather than flitting from email to email, I'm going to batch them by sender and take my time making notes and actually absorbing what the writer is communicating. I decided to start with Jurgen because something clicks between his suggestions and finding a way around, over, through the block between a thought and an action.

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