Monday, December 8, 2008

When One Has Two Blogs

Creating the links to my FaceBook/CCK08 friends took a far bit of time. Because I'd like to invite people who live in more conservative countries, I decide to uninvite the young girl who now works in a bar and posts pictures that might offend. She won't notice because she has thousands of facebook friends. As an aside, she raised as much for the Cancer Society with her sexy Santa party as any charitable, labour-intensive event put on by a whole organization of seasoned adults in this community. When I think of the days of work that goes into putting on and cleaning up after a turkey supper, I am sooo tempted to call Amanda. But I can't because I can't for a million reasons that have to do with respect for another human being.
Anyway, back to the topic - I find that when I separated the educational part out of the original blog, the first blog is becoming more reflective, more about feelings - more about hopes and lessons learned by living.

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