Friday, December 12, 2008

Famous Canadian Women

On my other blog, I've mentioned Canadian Prime Ministers' wives so I decided to search out their images on google images. Basically it had to do with an anonymous reply suggesting that new Liberal Leader's wife isn't stylish enough. My memory only goes back as far as Olive Diefenbaker but I don't remember Olive Diefenbaker or Maryon Pearson being particulary photogenic. It seems to me that before tv, our politicians wives were more apt model themselves after Eleanor Roosevelt than Cindy McCain and being a pioneering people that suited us just fine. In my searching around for images, I visited a website entited "Famous Canadian Women's Timeline". This cannot be right.
In 2006, seven famous Canadian women died and 4 living famous Canadian women's achievements were mentioned.
In 2007, four famous Canadian women died and Hayley Wickenheiser was named Canadian athlete of the year.
In 2008, two famous Canadian women died and no entries were made of any achievements.
This trend does not look promising.
When it comes to Canadian political wives, Margaret Trudeau, Maureen McTeer and Milia Mulroney were widely photographed and brutually criticized. Since them, I won't recognize Geills Turner, Sheila Martin or Laureen Harper if I ran into them in the supermarket. Aline Chretien seems to be the only one who was private enough to escape being pillaged by the press while public enough to be a widely recognized face.
Nobody ever died from being publicly criticized. Women of achievement please come out of the shadows and be mentors and role models.

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