Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TeachersShare - Links

One of the reasons, I didn't consider teaching is that I viewed teaching as a very lonely job - like being a mom alone with the kids all day with little positive adult acknowledgment. That and it requires the organizational skills of an obsessive compulsive to keep track of all the tiny bits of money that flow into and out of a typical elementary school classroom. Plus there's the whole parent/teacher interview thing which requires the tact of Pollyanna. And of course, the work is too important to be entrusted to someone whose performance is as variable as my own.

So imagine my surprise to discover just how highly connected teachers are. The web is packed with great things being published by teachers. They share their lesson plans and what they're reading and photos of where they are traveling and the best links to everything. So today I am providing a link to an amazing number of teacher's sites. My sidebar is growing a bit unwieldy. I have the information for putting it into a scroll bar but I'd like my daughter to be with me when I attempt it because two minds in this case would definitely be better than one.

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