Friday, December 5, 2008

Blogspot Hyperlink Solution

Ronald Southern was great but had no concept of how little I know. Either I never noticed it before or he added the toolbar. For sure he gets credit for my knowing I have an editing toolbar. I read everything but was definitely only randomly getting it right. For some reason, a lightbulb turned on in my brain and I checked out youtube. After watching this video 5 times and writing a note to myself:
1. highlight and copy url in text you want to turn into a hyperlink
2. then hit green thing in toolbar (if you're over 50 and not wearing glasses, it looks like a crocodile (ok I've been comparing the old Peter Pan dvd to the more modern version - and I really like the old crocodile's eyes a lot so maybe that's why I'm seeing crocodile eyes instead of the whirl/globe/chain thing in the video)
3. A box appears on the top of the screen.
4. delete the http:// part of the template
5. paste in the url you want.
6. hit ok
7. hit publish
TaDa - I could consistently create a hyperlink.
Your reading this post because by tomorrow without the note, I'd be starting at square one again.
It's been a gas doing this. I got really thrown when in html the blog address appears twice (I kept deleting one of them and wondered why I was getting nothing where the hyperlink should have been in the post). Nonetheless, I liked the old way when the hyperlink just appeared like magic. I watch Disney. Magic works for me.


Ron Southern said...

Magic IS nice, that's for certain!

Ron Southern said...

Also: yeah, I probably assumed you knew some things that you didn't know, but that's the definition of an "expert"--they often talk over our heads!

I glanced at that video and I guess it was a fairly good one, though the cameraman seemed a little bit out-of-focus!