Monday, December 15, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards

What does it say about Canada that the 2 best health blogs were both written by obesity doctors?
What's Ruth doing today? Checking out the blogs of Canadian Blog Awards winners.

Now I've been randomly reading a few, I'm wondering about the nomination process. There are several that have previously come through on my google reader that I eliminated fairly quickly. The problem was their focus was too specific - eg sources of food within one specific city. I have reasons to visit London, Ontario - my daughter lives there and the Diocese is administered from there - but why would a seek out a farmer's produce stand there when I live in rural Ontario?

I suppose Canada likes to reward the small, the specific, the generally overlooked. I don't choose a blog for that reason. I'm not nationalistic when it comes to my google reader list - it's purely about the relevance of the content to whatever is striking my fancy at the moment.

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