Sunday, January 30, 2011

CCK11 Introduction and Map

In the introduction, I never really said what I do. The easy answer is nothing. But it's not exactly nothing because I can point to something that exists amidst the nothing. There's a photo on the side bar. Son, daugher-in-law, son, me, son-in-law, daughter, husband, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, son. Two grandchildren expected in 2011 - one in March and one in August. That's my legacy. I brought people into the world who are bringing people into the world.

My husband's an Anglican priest which makes me a clergy spouse which is a reflection of something. Here's the parish website http://parishofthetransfiguration The official Diocesan death notice for me will read, "Ruth Demitroff (only Ruth will be about me - everything else will be a record of my husband's career).

I've been advised to say that I'm retired because that's a term that makes sense, is more understandable. The husband, kids, parish still have expectations so I guess I retired at 31 from Human Resources, Salaried Personnel, General Motors of Canada but no one retires at 31 with 5 years service so retired isn't true. I was in school until I was 26 so I'm considered to have done something for 5 years of my life. Is that true? Only to me. What one did 30 year ago is irrelevant - not resume relevant.

So on the map, I described myself as a life-long learner. That's the closest to true I can get.

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