Monday, February 7, 2011

Delicious & CCK08

A member of the CCK08 (the first Connectivism class led by George & Stephen) put everyone's blogs on Delicious. I opened a Delicious account, put those pages on my account and didn't post to Delicious much after that.
Because of CCK11,I decided to revisit Diigo and Delicious.

Discovered there were some advantages to having the links to class members blogs.

1. They are in a variety of languages. Over the years, one would accumulate a list of bloggers on connectivism writing in languages under-represented in the current class.

2. Most of these blogs are still in use because creating a designated blog for a course was a bit of a strange concept so many of us didn't create a designated blog until after the blog addresses were put on Delicious. It's possible to go from what the blogger was blogging about before taking the course, while taking the course and the evolution of the blog until today. While not pure, it does give a bit of followup as to whether or not the blogger continued to write on the subject, decided there was sufficient interest for a separate blog and the ways he/she is currently connected online.

3. These blogs were put on delicious very early in the course. As in all MOOCs, most of the members were silent lurkers so didn't submit their blogs. But there remains 2 groups: those who intended to post but left or went into lurk mode for other priorities and those who sustained their interest in the course.

Think there is enough to be learned from this to give some of the original bloggers a re-visit. Back in CCK08, I wasn't as committed to transparency so I opened the account under a fictitious word rather than my own name. May have to correct that problem by transferring the information to a new account and closing the original one.

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