Thursday, February 5, 2009

Care of Your PLN

I've set some rules for myself:
1. I'm going to do the reading. If the people on pln post to facebook, I'm going to follow their links. I'm also going to check in on their blogs.
2. I'm going to give back even if it's just posting comments.
3. If I see potential for collaboration between various facebook friends, I'll introduce them to each other.

So how am I going to do this without it overwhelming my life? I've decided to use the nursing model of checking everyone at the beginning and end of the shift. It's not perfect but it also doesn't let anyone fall through the cracks and it frees up the bulk of the day for my life in the real world.

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Carmen Tschofen said...

Hi Ruth,
"The nursing model"-- I love this! I've been musing a lot about the surfing with the flow/management aspects of the whole "PLN" thing. Here's my current vexation: those smart, pesky folks in Europe and Australia, etc. are working while I'm asleep, so by the time I've caught up with them, I'm barely on pace with those in this time zone. And then the west coast is at it well past my bedtime. I can never find the end of a shift--they just keep rolling over :-)