Friday, January 16, 2009

I wasn't into making resolutions at the beginning of the year because all the old ones had been on the list for years and were no more likely to happen this year than any other year.
Finally I found something I'd actually enjoy doing. My resolution is to work my way through the Thinkers50 list. Each week I'll google someone's name and read some interviews or articles. There are a lot of names that are household words - Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, Donald Trump, Al Gore - well actually around a quarter of them are people I remember hearing on tv and reading their online articles and some of those are even on my reader feed. I'll save those people for the crazy, busy weeks.
I'm actually very interested in the number one choice CK Prahalad. It's much more exciting to read about someone whose work is a new discovery for me.
I think this resolution stands a good chance of happening because last year I spent a bit of time picking various Nobel Prize winners and reading their acceptance speeches, bios and some googled articles so I'm not committing to a radical change in behavior.
I've noticed that men tend to be big readers of biography whereas women are more into the self-help genre for self improvement. What if the guys are right? Obama reads biographies and it worked for him.

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